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Life’s Too Short!

We realise that it’s not just about your pain though! It’s about all the things that the pain prevents you from doing… Maybe it’s playing with your kids, going for a run, sleeping through the night or standing pain free at the party. 

To put it simply back pain makes you feel old and it doesn’t have to be that way!

We are here to help!

We  don’t just care about your backs.
We care about you.


Trusted by Olympic Gold Medalists, World Record Holders and Leaders in the Industry


Over 8000 happy patients


Voted chiropractic of the year TWICE

You Can Get Pain Free!

1. Schedule an Appointment

This Allows us to discuss your health concerns, understand your history and get aligned with your goals.

2. State of the Art Testing

Postural screening, orthopedic testing and spinal neural scanning allows us to get to the cause of your pain.

3. Personalized Program Care

Along with your adjustments we’ll create plan that helps you speed up your recovery, saving you time and money.

Our Guarantee

If for any reason during the first 6 weeks of your care you are unhappy with your progress we will happily refund any monies spent.

At Life Chiropractic Port Melbourne our goal when you first visit us is simple, and that is to find out if you are in the right place to get the care you need. After our initial consultation we feel that you are not a candidate for our chiropractic care then we will work with you to get someone who can help.

About Us

Dr. Angus Pyke
Chiropractor of the Year

Hi there, I’m Angus, the owner here at Life Chiropractic. I’m a chiropractor, business owner, father, novice stand up paddle boarder and all round lover of life.

If you’re experiencing back pain, feeling older than your age or if you looking for guidance on how to feel good, move well and look good then you sound like someone I’d love to work with.

Dr. Kirby Collins

Hi there, I’m Kirby and you should know that I’m obsessed about 4 things, Cross-fit (yep I’m one of those people), great food, helping people perform at their best and Rufus (he’s my chocolate lab).

Unlike Angus, I actually love working with elite athletes, especially Cross-fitters. I know what it takes to compete at an elite level having competed locally and internationally.

How to Find Us

Our practices are conveniently located at 377 Bay Street Port Melbourne. There is plenty of 1 house parking directly out front. The practice is fitted with ramps of ease of access for parents with prams and wheelchair.


Ph 03 9646 1414

377 Bay St Port Melbourne 3207

Watch our Videos

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Tight, cranky muscles? Try this.

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Ease Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain.

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Wrist or arm pain? We’ve got the answer for you.

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Sore shoulder ? We’ve got the exercise program for you!

Sore shoulder ? We’ve got the exercise program for you!

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