Have you ever wondered what those blue foam tubes were lying around the gym?
Foam rollers are inexpensive, super versatile and quite simply one of our favourite and must have wellness tools. In fact if you aren’t already using one, you’re missing out!
Here are three reasons why you should join Dr Kirby at our foam roller class on Wednesday 23rd January at 7pm:

1. Foam rollers are remarkably simple to use and almost infinite in their range of application.  Because they are lightweight and economical, you can exercise almost anywhere in any position.  Whether standing, sitting, kneeling or even lying in bed, you can use foam rollers anywhere to build strength and flexibility.
2.Release tight and painful muscles. Foam roller techniques can release the pain caused by adhesion in and around the the muscles of the body.  These myofascial release (self massage) techniques will aid in the healing process.  Its like having your own private masseuse.
3.Improve your posture.   The simple movements performed on the foam roller will challenge, enhance and strengthen your entire postural network of muscles and joints. You will generate greater body awareness, you will challenge, stabilise and strengthen joints and postural muscles.

By exercising and massaging with the foam roller, you will create a much healthier, happier posture, you will re educate and strengthen your muscles and even improve your endurance.  Our clients even frequently relate a greater sense of relaxation and circulation.  Foam roller exercise are quick and easy – the perfect tool for the busy lifestyle.

Dr Kirby is running a introductory foam roller workshop at the office on Wednesday 23rd of Jan at 7pm.  The class is free but spaces are limited.  Please call the office on 9646 1414 to book your spot.

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