4 weight loss mistakes. Part 2

proactol_tWelcome back to the second part of this newsletter series on the four mistakes people make when wanting to lose weight.

Here’s a brief summary from part one (click here to read more)

  • Rather than define obesity as a disorder of energy balance or eating too much,  cutting edge medical researchers started from the idea that obesity is fundamentally a disorder of excess fat accumulation.
  • But once we do, then the natural question to ask is, what regulates fat accumulation?

Mistake 2.  They cut out the fat not the sugar

Well lets debunk the biggest myth of the diet industry and that is FAT makes us accumulate fat.

We where told to stop the fat for two reasons

  1. it provides more calories per gram than either carbs or protein
  2. we where told that it linked to heart disease and an early death

As a result of this information we now eat less fat than ever yet our waist lines continue to expand – arghhh!

The truth is that fat are essential not only to good health but for weight loss as well.  However not all fats are made the same.  In particular we must move away from trans fats (these are man made fats that are virtually unrecognisable to the body)

Trans fats


    • Food manufacturers use it to give cakes, pastries and biscuits a more solid consistency, and to prolong shelf life. Trans fat is also found in vegetable shortenings, some margarines, crackers, and snack foods. It’s an ingredient in the oils used to fry fast foods, like chips and nuggets.
    • Trans fats have been associated with inflammation, associated atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity and immune system dysfunction.
    • A study showed that trans fats caused a “redistribution of fat tissues into the abdomen… even when total dietary calories are controlled.  Abdominal fat (i.e. apple shaped body) has been associated with the build up of fat around internal organs, which has in turn been associated with a higher risk of heart disease.

So rather than being paranoid about fat watch out for sugar.  Cutting edge researchers are showing that our high sugar diets are at the cause of our obese culture.  Too much sugar throws insulin out of balance and this is our key hormone for balancing our body weight.

Now it’s not just the sugar in our soft drinks, sweets and desserts that we need to watch out for it is also all the hidden sugars in things, like bread, pasta and rice.  As a general rule of thumb – if the food was made by man it is probably full of sugar.

Choosing foods from nature (including fats) is a great place to start.  If you want a brilliant, effective and amazingly simple blueprint on how to eat for weight loss, more energy and greater health then come along and join Dr Kirby on Wedensday 28th for our Fuel for Life training session.  You can get more information here https://lifechiropracticportmelbourne.eventbrite.com.au

In part 3 next week we’ll be investigating the role that exercise plays in weight loss.


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