Mistake 4, they are not getting enough sleep.

How,  Colorful words hang on ropeWelcome back to the final part of this newsletter series on the four mistakes people make when wanting to lose weight.

In this newsletter series you have  learnt to

  • uncover the roadblocks that have up until now prevented your weight loss
  • pull back the curtain on the biggest myth in the diet industry
  • reveal the missing link in most peoples exercise programs

Today I am going to talk you through the lynch pin that will absolutely magnify your fat loss results

Sleep is something that gets lost in just about every discussion about fat loss and body composition. We all have some understanding that we should be eating better and moving more but few people understand the enormous impact that sleep has on fat loss.

Researchers found that those who logged 7 to 9 hours a night had healthier body weights than those who slept less.

Remember this statement – “you can’t eat and exercise your way out of poor sleeping habits.” Over the years I have had many clients whose exercise and eating habits have been perfect but struggle to lose weight because of poor or inadequate sleep.

Did you know that going without enough sleep for just 2 nights, people in one study had more of the hunger-inducing hormone ghrelin and less of the appetite-suppressing hormone leptin. Inadequate sleep wreaks havoc on many of our fat loss hormones and makes us crave sugar unhealthy food.

But perhaps the most damaging effects of poor sleep is its impact on elevating cortisol levels and blunting insulin sensitivity which ultimately results in a shut down of fat loss insulin.

So let me share my top 4 tips for a great nights sleep

  • Make sure the room is dark and by dark I mean pitch black.  Turn off bedside lights, alarm clocks (cover these) and make sure there is no street lights shinning through the gaps beside the blind. You may even want to invest in a black out blind.  Most people notice an immediate improvement in length and quality of sleep from this step alone


  • Aim for 8-9.5 hours each night.  Whilst we can survive on less than this we cannot thrive.  There is no medal in life for being the person who gets the least sleep.  When you sleep more not only does your weight loss improve so will your productivity the next day.
  • Consistency in wake and sleep times are essential for the body to get into a healthy rhythm.  Our inconsistent wake and sleep times throw us into a constant state of mild jet lag.  We have all experienced the mild jet lag effects of traveling into a time zone only a few hours away.
  • Be sure to “unplug’ the hour before bed.  That means turn off the television and computer.  Give the brain some time to unwind and slow down.  Try reading a good book or writing in a journal.


I have seen stubborn fat begin to shift  and health literally sky rocket when patients start getting a good nights sleep.  Getting enough sleep is the missing link that stops or slows down many peoples weight loss.    Follow the four steps above, you’ll love the results.


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