Yep its cold outside. One minute we were enjoying beautiful balmy autumn evenings and the next thing we know we are finding our beanies and scarves and barreling down the hatches. Theres no doubt about it, winter is on its way, and with that usually the onset of colds and flu like symptoms. But did you know that around 60%-80% of your immune system actually resides in your gut? Your gut is your gastrointestinal wall which should be lined with millions of ‘good bacteria’ that are responsible for keeping nasty bugs at bay. The good bacteria in our gut is wiped out through alcohol, smoking, antibiotics, stress, parasites, a diet high in sugar , processed foods, grains and much more.


1.  Probiotic supplements = These come in powdered and capsule form and have a high high dose of good bacteria to re-line the gut wall. These can be purchased here in the office for kids and adults! 

2. Avoid gluten/wheat , dairy and soy – these are common allergens that are all inflammatory for the gut.

3. Avoid sugar. Sugar tends to feed the bad bacteria thats killing off the good stuff. Which is why I recommend a good probiotic supplement over a sugar filled yoghurt. 

4. Eat loads of vegies that have lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals. 

5. Supplement with Fish oil and eat lots of foods containing Omega 3. These help to have a natural anti-inflamm effect on the gut. 




Remember its always important to check with your health care professional before changing your diet or nutrition plan.


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