Children are 4 + 1/2 times more likely to have a daily TV habit than a daily physical habit. 

Unfortunately, the longer children sit, the harder it is for them to learn how to hold themselves up properly in a good posture. Kids tend to sit forward with their head on their chin which jams the top part of the neck joints.
Symptoms of prolonged screen time in kids include eyestrain, headaches and a variety of physical pains including lower back or neck pain. Screen time includes watching tv shows or playing the xbox or playstation.

How do I get my kids to watch less TV? 
1. Encourage them to keep to a time limit per day (e.g. only 1/2 hour after school screen time allowed)
2. Spend a whole weekend digital free, no tv’s, ipads, iphones for the whole family for the weekend.
3. Encourage them to play outside rather than inside
4. Play games that encourage them to get out of their seats and move around e.g hide and seek

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