Happy New Year!!

Well the New Year has arrived and often it is a time for reflection and forward planning. Many people take some time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t work over the past 12 months and then get going on making improvements, changes and actions steps to ensure that the next 12 months are successful. One thing we often notice when people set their goals (or as some people call them “New Years Resolutions”), is that often goals are set in areas that people are not SERIOUS about. Let me explain….

There is no point stating that you want to lose weight if you’re not willing to take the appropriate steps in changing your diet and starting to exercise! You see, if you were SERIOUS about losing weight – the ACTION steps would make sense to you. Therefore you are much more likely to see RESULTS.

What are you SERIOUS about? What is it that you really want AND are willing to work towards?

There are often goals that people set that require help. Whether its something you are moving AWAY from (smoking, junk food, negative relationships) or something you are moving TOWARDS (greater levels of fitness, fresh food diet etc), sometimes help is needed. Get people around you that will support you FULLY. A wonderful quote I’ve always loved is, “You’re only as good as WHO you surround yourself with.” Take a look at the 6 people you hang out with the most. Will they and their lifestyle SUPPORT you in achieving what you want to achieve? If not – you have 2 choices, 1. change the people you are hanging out with or 2. change your goals.

The number one question to always ask yourself. “WHO DO I NEED TO BECOME TO ACHIEVE THIS GOAL?” Check out Dr Angus on “The Circle” for more information on changing behaviours.

First step! – Work out what you are SERIOUS about changing or adding into your life in 2013 and GO FOR IT!!! If you would like help to achieve any of your goals, please have a chat to one of our Chiropractors and RESULTS may be quicker than you think!

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