In the lead up to Spinal Health Week (19-25th May) we will be explaining exactly WHY spinal health week is so important to us here at LCPM.

The topic of this years theme is that “australians are living longer, lets live better.”

But exactly what does this mean ?

Step back in time to the 1980’s, a male child born in Australia could expect to live to just 71 years of age. Fast forward to 2014 and the age expectancy is 80 years for a male and 84.3 for a female.

For many of us, a longer life is not enough. We want to be active, healthy and capable of enjoying those extra years.

Improving your posture and looking after your spine is an important part of designing a longer, healthier lifespan.

Improving your “postural fitness” can prevent problems that may occur in your muscles, joints and ligaments and it can also prevent potenital injury.
deskpostureWe can protect and stabilise our spine by :

1. Building up core muscle strength
2. Improving your postural fitness, sitting correctly or sitting less.
3. Using proper techniques when bending or lifting
4. Restoring and maintaning healthy spinal joints and mobility with Chiropractic check-ups. 

If you havn’t done so recently, ask Dr Angus, Dr Tony or Dr Kirby to help assess your spine and posture and help you live longer and live better!!


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