Beef stock Vs bone broth; what’s the difference and what are the health benefits of broth?

By Kirby

May 06



You may have heard recently (or have known for a long time) about the health benefits of bone broth.

Bone broth is not the traditional stock powder you find in the supermarket. Bone broth is made by cooking marrow rich bones often for 24 hours or more and then drinking the minerals and goodies that are found within the bone, like collagen and glutamine.

Making your own broth at home can be great, but takes more than 24 hours to do so.

Lucky for us theres a new bone broth solution (a dehydrated powder) that when hot water is added becomes a liquid again with all the health benefits of traditional home made broth.

These powders should beĀ found in your local health food store in Melbourne.