Do you have to sit all day to commute in your car? At work at a desk?

Is your back cranky because of it?


Unfortunately a common theme we are finding with our patients is that people (usually office workers) that have to sit all day place enormous amounts of stress on their bodies.


Over the next 12 weeks we are putting together a whole bunch of resources to help you really decrease the negative effects of inactivity and sitting.

Each week we’ll be going LIVE to you from Facebook to show you through all the tools, resources, tips and strategies we’ve found really help our patients reduce the negative effects of sitting.

Don’t worry, even if you miss our LIVE session on Facebook we’ll happily post the recap here each week too (phew! Technologies these days hey?!)

This week we chatted about the surprising research around the dangers of sitting and we go through 9 simple strategies to help you move more in your day.

Click below to view the whole vid.

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