When clients ask me to talk about strategies to help them decrease their stress levels or lose some excess weight, my first point of call is to always ask them about their sleep.

Are they getting in enough hours of sleep?
Is it good quality?
Is it uninterrupted?
Do they have a consistent sleep pattern?
Do the struggle to fall asleep or do they struggle to stay asleep?

Many people don’t understand the effect poor sleep can have on your body fat % and stress levels. Sleep is essential for balancing out your hormonal system (which controls weight gain), reducing inflammation and stress, decreasing fatigue, strengthing your immune system and improving your memory and concentration.

In fact, a lack of sleep or poor quality sleep decreases the hormones that make you feel full and increases the hormones that make you crave sugar and junk food. So losing that excess weight you haven’t been able to shift might be as easy as getting a good nights sleep!


Want to learn more about the key strategies needed for a perfect nights sleep? 


Join us MONDAY 15th SEPTEMBER at 7pm 

To book your FREE seat at this specialist workshop, email Holly at info@lifechiropracticportmelbourne.com.au or call on 96461414. Spots are filling quickly!!

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