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Welcome to Life Chiropractic Port Melbourne

Let us help you get your HEALTHY BACK!

Our chiropractic practice has been delivering safe, gentle and effective Chiropractic care to the Port Melbourne and South Melbourne communities since 1999.

In fact we’ve proud to say that we’ve even received both the Victorian and Australian Chiropractor of the year awards.

We’d love to share with you about our thousands of success stories but unfortunately health practitioners in Australia are no longer able to share customer testimonials.

Instead here’s a bit about our amazing chiropractors.

Dr Angus Pyke

Chiropractor of the year!

Hi there, I’m Angus, the owner here at Life Chiropractic. I’m a chiropractor, business owner, father, novice stand up paddle boarder and all round lover of life.

If you’re experiencing back pain, feeling older than your age or if you looking for guidance on how to feel good, move well and look good then you sound like someone I’d love to work with.

I’ve been a Chiropractor now for 20 years…ouch, that went fast.

I know this might sound like a cliché but I really just love helping people with cranky backs. It makes my heart smile (and after 20 years of practice I’m getting pretty good too).

Over the past 20 years I’ve worked with many famous athletes that you’d know, but mostly I just love working normal people (elite athletes are really high maintenance).

And..I know what it’s like to have chronic pain. 5 years ago I injured my back at the gym and had to work for the next 3 years to rid myself of chronic sciatica….arghhh. It was one of the most difficult and humbling experiences of my life.

You should also know that when it come to health care I’m a bit of a “greenie”. I think less is more, I’m not a fan of drugs or surgery and I think the best doctor in the world is actually the one inside of you.

You should also know that I can’t say no to chicken chips!

Click here to watch a video I recently shot about what i think is one of the most overlooked factors in getting long lasting relief from back pain.

You can find out what to expect on your first visit here or you can call the office on 9646 1414 to make an apt.


P.S Be sure to read about Dr Kirby below, she's the real hero at our practice and people travel from miles to see her and she's my chiropractor!!

Dr Kirby Collins


Hi there, I’m Kirby and you should know that I’m obsessed about 4 things, Crossfit (yep I’m one of those people), great food, helping people perform at their best and Rufus (he’s my chocolate lab).

Unlike Angus, I actually love working with elite athletes, especially Crossfitters. I know what it takes to compete at an elite level having competed locally and internationally.

If you’re injured, sore, tired, not recovering or if you’re simply not knocking out PB’s (personal bests) then I’m your gal!

I also love working with kids too (I think that’s why I continue to work with Angus). I just finished completing a two-year postgraduate Diplomate in Chiropractic Neuro-Developmental Paediatrics so that helps me to take even better care of your precious little one.

If you've got any questions then you can shoot me a message here or we can get on the phone and have a chat 9646 1414.

Click here to watch a quick video of me sharing one my recent health discoveries (love this stuff!).


Dr Helena El-Najjar


Hi there, I am Helena, the newest addition to Life chiropractic. I am a chiropractor by day and an aspiring musician/foodie/tennis lover by night. Oh and of course, wouldn’t be part of the team if I didn’t have a cute puppy to talk about in my blurb!

I am excited to bring all of my experience from working within communities around Australia down to Port Melbourne.

I am a true believer that everybody with back pain has the right to feel better and allow the body to reach its fullest potential. I continuously strive to develop and evolve my chiropractic skills, with a particular interest in functional neurology to truly enhance your nervous system health.

In our session, I will gain insight into your lifestyle and needs, and tailor my care to your health goals. With further studies in paediatrics combined with staying up to date in the latest research, I’m able to serve the whole family in a safe, modern and effective manner.