Are you strict paleo? you can’t cut out ALL grains can you? what the heck do you eat for breakfast? 

These are often the first questions that are asked by most clients when I start to introduce them to the ‘paleo’ lifestyle. Shifting to eating “foods from nature” is the easiest way to improve your quality of life and set you on a path to great health for a lifetime.

Havn’t heard of paleo? Simply speaking its choosing foods that are “meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, little starch and no sugar“. So… thats no processed junk, no SUGAR, no DAIRY, no legumes and no GRAINS.

Why should we eat like this? Our bodies weren’t designed to eat chocolate biscuits and drink milk beyond infancy…..let alone the pasteurised and homogenised white stuff that came from a cow.

I could talk for hours on this subject. Actually in 2 weeks time I will be. Im running my “eating your way to washboard abs” seminar again and YOU are all invited to come along.

In the mean time though here’s a sneak peak at the average daily food and exercise habits for me. You can see its not 100% strict paleo. Nor will it ever be. Lifes about balance and eating 80:20 most of the time is good enough for me.


7am: 1/2 a banana before exercise. 45 min walk to the beach with my dog Rufus.





8am: “Eggvocado” and 2 sliced and sautéed branches of silverbeet with coconut oil. 1 teasp fish oil and 1 multi vit tablet.

10:30am: 1 x 3/4 latte with full cream milk. Handful of almonds and macadamias

12pm: Crossfit workout “20 mins with Chelsea” = Every minute on the minute perform 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats. Then 3×3 Turkish getups with a kettle bell.

2pm: Left over (from last nights dinner) cold kangaroo steak with celery, apple and walnut salad, drizzled with lemon and flaxseed oil

4pm: Magnesium powder supplement

6pm: quick 20 min walk with dog to and from the shops

7:30pm: Zucchini “spaghetti” and lamb mince Bolognese sauce. 2 rows of lindt 70% dark choccy.

10pm: bed. alarm set for 6am. so thats just under 8 hours of sleep for me.

Water consumption over the day was around 2.5 L.


So there you have it. Theres an average day. Is it strict paleo? nope, theres some milk, coffee, and dark choccy in there. Some days I’ll eat bread, a brownie or something else full of sugar. I get that life gets busy and sometimes in the way of good food prep and I know that some foods are not the best choice for me. BUT the idea is to eat in balance. 80/20. And as long as you keep jumping back on that band wagon as soon as you fall off, your on the right path to being happy and healthy for a lifetime.

Stay Well.

Dr Kirby.


If you have any questions or just want to comment feel free to do so below. If you interested in learning more about healthy eating and “paleo” then please book a spot at the healthy eating seminar taking place on Monday 23rd July, by leaving a comment below or calling the office of 9646 1414. Spaces are limited.


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