You might make me sick! 

As I was sitting at the sushi shop having my lunch, taking some time out to relax and re-fuel, a family wandered in and met a friend who was already seated. As they greeted each other,  I heard the father say “Dont kiss me, I have the flu! I dont want to give it to you.”

It started me thinking about where this type of comment comes from. As a culture we have had it drummed in to us for generations that germs make us sick, and that we should avoid them. Have a look at the amount of “hand sanitizer” that is being used out of fear of passing germs around. Let’s explore this a little further.

In my workshops I use the Flu as an example – “If I had the flu right now and I sneezed on 10 people, will they all get the flu?” The audience always answers – “No”.
On a practical level, we understand that some people get sick, some dont. Some people are always “catching every bug going around” and others seem to never get sick. Yet we still blame the bugs for the sickness. My response is always…”If the Flu virus CAUSED the flu, then every person that was exposed to it, would get the Flu.” Clearly this is NOT the case. Why is that so?

Time for another analogy to illustrate the point – If I planted an acorn on the footpath, would it grow into an oak tree? Of course not. The seed needs fertile soil, sun and water to germinate and grow. The same is true for bugs. In order for bugs to multiply, they need a body that is not HEALTHY – whether its because of poor diet, poor exercise habits, stress, subluxation, or a combination of all, the body will be more likely to be overwhelmed by certain bugs.

On the flip side, a body that is HEALTHY and functioning optimally, with great nutrition, fit and strong, a healthy spine and nerve system and healthy thoughts will be able to deal with the bugs a whole lot more efficiently!!

The moral of the story : Our health is HUGELY determined by how we EAT, MOVE and THINK!!!! Have a chat with Dr Angus, Dr Tony or Dr Kirby if you feel there is an area that is letting you down We are here to help!!

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