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Why should children be examined by a chiropractor?
At Life Chiropractic we ascribe to the idea that prevention is better than cure, and that pursuing your optimum health is the key to achieving balance, wellness, and the highest quality of life.
Our primary goal is not simply to alleviate the pain that is often experienced in and around the back although that is often on elf the beneficial side-effect of chiropractic care.
Instead we strive to ensure that the complex “communication superhighway” within the spinal column, called the nervous system is able to accurately realty information back and forth between all parts of the body and the brain.
Studies have now shown that the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are so interconnected theta they are better thought of as one system over which the central nervous component is the master controller.
To have the opportunity to care for the health of a child is a special gift. A child’s health today provides the opportunity to shape the health of the nation in years to come
The process of living in this modern world is unavoidably stressful on physical, chemical and emotional levels.
The birth process on a physical level can be very challenging, the baby’s head, neck and shoulder are put under incredibly press as they pass through the birth canal. Injuries sometimes happen, The most common birthing factors is of the collar bone, one of the neck muscles (SCM) can be torn, causing bleeding and the cranial bores can be displaced.
Subluxation is the loss of normal spinal and nervous system function. It is the condition which we as Chiropractors at Life Chiropractic have undergone a minimum of five years study to become highly proficient at detecting and correcting.
A recent survey of over 2000 long term chiropractic patients discovered something fascinating. People who received regular chiropractic care reported ongoing improvement in health, wellbeing and quality of life. Those patients were not receiving care because they were sick, but because they wanted to be their best.
When compared to a range of medical interventions a recent study found the chiropractic adjustment to be:
“one of the most conservative, least invasive and safest procedures within the health care professions”.
At Life Chiropractic Port Melbourne we see chiropractic as not only a method to care for the health of your spine but its also a way of life. The chiropractic lifestyle encompasses many factors for those who are interested in being their best and reaching their optimum. We look at health as a journey, and not a destination, there is always something we can be doing or improving in ourselves along the way. Chiropractic care is ideal for those who choose to embark on this lifelong journey towards being their best.
It’s never too soon to introduce your children and family to the benefits of chiropractic. Feel free to ask what Chiropractic care can do to help your children perform at their best.

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