If another life form came for a visit to the planet earth and simply observed the human species, what would they conclude?

Here’s a species that are lazy (they drive and take escalators, and have lots of machines that do things for them) they are overweight, they are addicted to drugs (and I’m not talking about street drugs or recreational drugs), they are unhappy, (11% of Americans over the age of 12 take antidepressants!) and they seem to be killing each other at great rates.

I can can hear the announcement over the radio. Something like “Houston, we have a problem” – We do have a problem!!

To take a view from afar gives a different perspective of our current health crisis. There are 2 major things wrong with the current view in my opinion.


1. We are looking at EVERYTHING ELSE being the cause of our problems. For example, we blame the weather, we blame germs, we blame family history, we blame luck. What we need to be doing (and we are a long way from it) is to start looking at our own behaviours and habits as the CAUSE to our health problems. Maybe if we cleaned up our lifestyle the results might be different. We know that the vast majority of the leading causes of death and disability are LIFESTYLE related yet we dont seem to be addressing the cause – only masking the problem with pills, potions and lotions – hoping it will go away. It very rarely does! Let’s build HEALTH from the INSIDE!!!!!! That,- we can control!

2. We view our bodies as broken, defective, stupid and lacking certain ingredients. I love the analogy of the DARK ROOM. If you had left your car keys in a dark room and you water to get them – you have 2 options ; 1. you could attempt to remove the darkness OR 2. you could ADD light!! Pretty simple. the ams is true for YOU. We spend so much time, effort, energy and money on trying to REMOVE sickness from our bodies and dont spend any time on ADDING health. Which one will bring about the greatest change in the long term? You see, if we think our body is stupid we will make choices that reflect that. On the other hand if we view our body as BRILLIANTLY INTELLIGENT, we will open up huge possibility for HEALTH. If I was driving along and saw the oil light come on in my car – wha would I do? I have a couple of options; I could simply take the globe out and PRESTO – the light goes off! OR I could check the oil levels and top it up so the engine runs optimally. We have the same choice with our health! Next time you have a symptom, ask yourself – what is this telling me? Is my body wanting me to change my behaviour? If so – CHANGE IT!!!

You have within you, the ability to be brilliant, healthily, happy and abudantly energetic! What are you doing today that is making that happen?

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