What an amazing night! Those that recently attended the Power of Food seminar with Dr Damian Kristof were treated to 2 hours of amazing, practical information to take their health to the next level. Damian shared his simple rules for eating-for-health.

Heres the top 10 key messages that stuck most with us from the night..
1. nQ is the NATURAL INTELLIGENCE found in your body and all living things and foods. Always choose foods from nature as these are what your bodies are desgined to eat! Avoid dumb foods!
2. Aspartame is a killer! This is in natural sweetners and “diet” softdrinks.
4. The seasme seed challenge should take 12-24 hours! You need to move those bowels to prevent colon cancer (more people are diagnosed with this than breast and prostate cancer combined!)
5. Avoid “the CravE” by cutting down on the sugar and controlling the insulin response. Thats those nasty CarbohydratE foods like CakE, CookiE, CokE, CaffienE and CoffeE
6. Unless you are mexican you cannot digest corn.
7. Remember the palm method to ensure you eat the right amount of foods for you.
8. Avoid wheat where possible, unless its wheatgrass. Wheat and gluten create an inflammatory response in the body and our gut is not designed to digest them well.
9. Coffee needs to come AFTER your food. “Break” your fast first with some food to help your digestion.
10. Get your spine and nervous system checked to ensure your natural intelligence is freely flowing, your digesting those foods properly and coping with your stress.

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