In my last post I spoke about some of the paleo meals I cook at home.

I’ve since had a few enquires as how to make the “zucchini” spaghetti that I used in my paleo spaghetti bolognese.

You can really use any vegetable as a substitue to pasta ( thinly sliced roast veges are a fav for me in paleo lasagne.. mmm recipe to come! ) but if you want to make your spaghetti as ‘authentic’ pasta-looking as possible you only require one tool.

This is a julienne peeler which you can pick up at any kitchen shop (ie house) and will set you back less than $10. If you don’t have one on hand, use a grater (though it won’t look like pasta) or getting chopping.

Use either a  spaghetti squash (very hard to find in Aus, I often find them at the  farmers markets) or the easiest option is of course zucchini.

Hope to see you at my Paleo seminar (how to lose weight before summer) tomorrow evening at 7pm. (see below) 

Stay Well

Dr K



“How to lose weight before summer”. Monday 23rd July 7pm at Pyke Family Wellbeing. 377 Bay st Port Melbourne. Seats are limited. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL. phone 9646 1414. 

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