34 days until Christmas! Yep its that close!

That means there is 34 possible days of office parties, school break ups, social gatherings, family meet ups, present shopping, not to mention the extra sneaky wines with cheese and biscuits just because of the sunshine!

We are all aware that this time of year is by far the easiest time to fall into bad eating, drinking and socializing habits that could add to our already stressed bodies, and ever expanding waistlines.

Here’s our top 10 tips to staying well this Christmas season
1.     Get your spine and nervous system checked by your chiropractor. Far out santa’s not the only one who knows that added sugar, late nights, long days at work to get everything finished before the new year will add to the stress on your spine and nervous system.
2.     Eat before office drinks and nibbles. Your less likely to gorge yourself on foods full of empty calories if your no not hungry.
3.     Watch the sneaky drinks – they are usually are full of sugar. Don’t remember how much? Click here.
4.     Offer to help with the catering– bring delicious nutritious foods you know that are better for you and the other guests!
5.     Drink water – usually you are thirsty not hungry!
6.     Take time to enjoy the food you shovel in – remember you literally are what you eat
7.     Choose fat over sugar – we know that fat has a higher satiety level, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer as fat doesn’t cause the insulin spike and hunger pangs 1 hour after you eat like sugar filled foods.
8.     Sleep !  Use the holidays and take mid day naps and get to bed earlier
9.     Move – take long walks or rides with the family, run around on the beach, get outside in the sunshine and soak up that vitamin D while you can!
10.   Play – what a better time than to get the Frisbees, botche, croquet, cricket bats and balls out that now. Spend time with your kids.

Ho, Ho, ho

Team Pyke Family

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