It’s that time of year again. January marks the time of new beginnings, challenges, ideas and goals.

– “this year I’m going to join a gym and lose 10kg”
– “this year I’m going to start yoga once per week”
– “this year I’m going to spend less time at work and more time with my kids”/

Waving the magic wand, dreaming big and picking the goal is the easy bit, however putting the actions into place seems to be the part where most people become unstuck.

January is often the time of year when your local gym has an influx of new members, you can’t find a free treadmill, the spin classes are full and your yoga mat is a couple inches away from many others. Have you noticed come March it doesn’t seem to busy anymore? Where do all the people go?

Setting AND achieving the goals you want to see happen is actually a simple process. It’s all about the planning process. The trick is to write them down and be as specific as possible.

Goals must be:


Specific – know exactly what it is you want to achieve
Measurable – you must be able to know when you’ve achieved the goal. Be as black and white as you can.
Actions needed – go through and work out all the logical steps you need to make to achieve this goal. Cross them off as you go.
Realistic – confirm that this goal is indeed possible
Time related – how long are you going to give yourself to achieve this goal?

Once you’ve written them down don’t let them go unnoticed. Stick them up at your desk or on your bathroom mirror so you can regularly see them. Writing down and reviewing your goals on a daily basis is a tried and tested method to making sure you stay on track.

Talk to Dr Angus, Dr Tony or Dr Kirby if you are ready to spread some magic and achieve your health goals in 2015.

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