Is your job stressing you out?

Is your job wearing you down?  Are you starting to feel that no matter how hard you work there’s always another goal post to reach?  Are you starting to wonder if it’s all worthwhile or even if it’s what you really want?

Most of us believe if we work hard, we’ll become successful and then by happy.  Guess what?  This is a formula that’s completely back to front. Recent studies in positive psychology show when you’re brain is happy at work you’re more motivated, efficient, resilient, creative and productivity, which drives up your performance and determines your success.

Using proven and practical tools in this 90 minute workshop Michelle will help you rewrite your formula for success by:

  • Exposing the biggest lie organisations tell you about how to get ahead.
  • Discovering your five unique secrets to performing at your best.
  • Exploring how to bend your job description into a job you love.
  • Learning how to achieve success on your own termsin just 11 minutes a day.
  • Unmasking the most overlooked resource you have when it comes to reducing your stress.

A favourite of audiences around the world for her playful and scientific approach, don’t miss your chance to meet Michelle and discover how you make your work more enjoyable and rewarding.

(psssttt… ITS FREE!!!) 

Monday 3rd December  7pm.

Pyke Family Wellbeing – 377 Bay St Port Melbourne

 Please call Keeta to book…   9646 1414

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