“The alarm blares – you press snooze a few times until you pull yourself out of bed, into the shower and then straight out of the door with an empty stomach to battle Melbourne traffic. You stop to get yourself a coffee on the way (you know it’s going to be a while in the car) and pick yourself up a croissant to get you through the morning, oh what the heck grab a blueberry muffin for morning tea while you are at it.”

If this sounds like your type of morning, you are not alone. Waking up to a blaring alarm (usually because you’ve gone to bed too late) with limited time to rush around like a headless chook means that we start our day with a large rush of cortisol (the stress hormone) in our body. Cortisol is released in response to your “flight or flight” autonomic nervous system kicking in.

Cortisol released every morning in this way will:
– decrease your energy levels throughout the day
– decrease your immune system
– break down your muscle mass
AND most of all cause increased fat storage.

Not the most ideal outcomes for pressing the snooze button a few times is it?

So whats the solution? WAKE UP EARLIER.

To get out of your rut, it’s time to take back your morning without making it a race against the clock. Getting up just half an hour earlier will allow you to stretch, walk, read, meditate, make a healthy breakfast AND get ready without the stress of cortisol pumping through your veins. Start the day with some time to yourself and make it as relaxed as possible.

But how do I get into the habit of getting up earlier? Simple. Set your alarm for just 5 mins earlier for the next 21 days until you reach your desired wake up time. BUT you must also go to bed 5 mins earlier to ensure that you still get your required 8 hours of restorative sleep per night. In just 21 days (or less) you will have developed new sleeping habits that you may even begin to wake BEFORE your alarm goes off. If you do, you’ll wake more rested and energised to jump out of bed and attack your day. 

Your body is designed to follow it’s natural circadian rhythm. That means going to bed when it gets dark and waking up when it becomes light. When you begin to wake up with the sun like we do (remember we are in the office at 6:30am!) you will soon discover that these first few hours of the day are the best ones.

YOU get to decide how you start your morning… Stressed, rushed and on an empty stomach? Or relaxed, on purpose and well fed.

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