Neck Pain


For many Australians neck pain is literally…… a pain in the neck. Neck pain is an issue that impacts a large number of Australians and along with back pain is a leading cause of disability.

Neck pain is the second most common reason patients seek chiropractic care and excitedly the research has shown that gentle chiropractic adjustments can help to reduce pain and increase movement in those suffering from neck pain.

Perhaps you have noticed that your neck pain is contributed to by many factors – stress, hydration, poor posture or even sleeping habits. Because of it’s variety of causes a holistic approach is required to get long term results with neck pain – this is LIfe Chiropractic’s specialty.

At Life Chiropractic we begin with a thorough history and examination to help you get to the bottom of the cause of your neck pain.

Life Chiropractic has been delivering safe, effective solutions to neck pain sufferers in the Port Melbourne and South Melbourne areas for almost 15 years. For more information or to make an appointment call LIfe Chiropractic Port Melbourne on 9646 1414.

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