Remember the word supplement is just that … SUPPLEMENT… for when you don’t have enough of something that you couldn’t just get from your diet. 

As an athlete,  I’m sure many of your cupboards look like mine… 2 types of protein powders, an array of bottles of vitamins, minerals, fish oils, chinese herbs and workout recovery supplements that I barely ever take, well regularly enough to be of benefit anyway.

If I was to throw them all out and pick 3 KEY ESSENTIALS I feel are necessary supplements (that most of us are lacking regardless of our diet) I would pick:

1. Fish Oil – Omega 3’s not only help our brain and nervous system, but they play an essential ANTI – INFLAMMATORY effect,  and help to counteract the effect of omega 6’s (like grains and cereals) in our diets. We should all have a ratio of  Omega 6:Omega 3’s of around 2:1 or 1:1, these days the average Australian is more like 25:1!!!
No wonder we are riddled with chronic inflammatory diseases and back pain. Remember exercise and weight training can create a lot of inflammation in your body aswel, and this is one of the key ways to counteract this effect.

2. Probiotics – 60% of your immune system lies within your gut lining. Things like sugar, stress and antibiotics break down the barrier of good bacteria in our gut and unless you replace the good stuff the bad bacteria can easily get through. I take these every second day, and actually make my own kombucha, kefir and saukerkraut – all fermented products with loads of good bacteria! Yoghurt is also another form of probiotic. 

3. Vitamin D – 3/4 of all Australians are at risk of Vitamin D deficiency, especially this time of year. This can lead to an increase risk of pain, weakness and chronic illness. Take a supplement (or stand in the nude for 20 mins per day).

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