We’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking about the dangerous effects of sitting and how you (yes you!) can combat the time you spend in the chair!

If you are one of those people that suffers from lower back and hip pain & tightness from the hours you spend sitting then click below to watch this weeksepisode where we run you through some REALLY BASIC stretches you can do at work (you won’t even have to leave your chair!)

Until next week!

Dr Angus and Kirby

P.s if you haven’t met our sheep in the background (and are wondering what that heck that is for…?!) then we’d love to introduce to you to Shaun (the sheep) he’s the most recent staff member to join LCPM.

P.P.S ok ok maybe he’s not really on our payroll, but we do LOVE him for all the hard work he puts in helping Dr Kirby adjust all our wonderful kids in the practice (and if you didn’t know we love helping tiny spines too…we do! Just ask us on your next visit about getting your kids checked)


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