The average Australian office worker sits for just under 16 HOURS PER DAY.

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If this is you, your more likely to suffer;

    • higher rates of obesity – obese people sit for 2.5 hours more per day
    • metabolic syndrome
    • reduced metal capacity and brain fatigue
    • cardiovascular disease (double the risk)
    • diabetes (insulin effectiveness drops 24%)
    • DVT (can lead to stroke)
    • bowel cancer (double this risk)
    • disc problems and TIME OFF WORK
    • more sick days
    • back pain
    • poor posture and spinal alignment

thats why for as part of spinal health week may 20th-26th life chiropractic port melbourne is offering

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These 45 minute presentations will teach your staff to simple strategies to not only decrease the amount of time spent sitting, but improve their posture while at work and home.

Dr Kirby, Dr Tony and Dr Angus are super excited to be able to offer these at no charge to our valued clients.

email dr kirby at to enquire and book your today.


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