Welcome to Spinal Health week for 2016!

You don’t need to be a sporting professional to achieve peak performance. Every single one of us has the ability to be healthy, fit and energetic. Chiropractic helps you to perform and live better by reducing pain, maintaining good spinal function and helping you to live a healthy lifestyle.

This week we are encouraging you to #backyourinnerathlete and MOVE your body as much as possible.  Chiropractic care with us here at Life Chiropractic Port Melbourne could help you to:

  • Reduce PAIN by helping de-stress your spine
  • Improve POSTURE through education, exercises and spinal adjustments
  • Activate PERFORMANCE by placing importance on good spinal function, improve mobility and live a healthy life.

According to the WHO (world health organisation) globally approximately 30% of adults are inactive and 3.2 million deaths each year are attributable to insufficient physical activity.

Our sedentary lifestyles are catching up with us and its time to make a change!!!



We’d like to know what you are doing this week during spinal health week to move your body… 
Simply Take a Photo or Short Vid of you MOVING your body (e.g. at the gym, walking the kids to school or stretching) between 23-28th May for your chance to win a posture package! 

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