Tight Cranky Muscles? Try this

If you’ve got constant tight, cranky muscles then you NEED to know about dry needling! Luckily for us…we’ve got an expert on the topic, Dr Kirby. In this short video, I interview Dr Kirby and she shares everything you need to know about dry needling! You’ll learn what it is? does it hurt? how long it takes? what things it’s helpful for? and who shouldn’t have dry needling? Hint: If you’ve got tight muscles that haven’t responded to massage in the past then you MUST give dry needling a go! If you’ve got any questions then don’t hesitate to ask us next time you’re in the practice. If you’d like to schedule a dry needling session with Kirby then let Mackenzie, Ash or Chloe know next time you’re in the practice. Yours in health. Angus and Kirby P.S We even have patients who are really scared of needles able to tolerate dry needling without a fuss. Often you can’t even feel the needles. Watch the video to learn more now. If you’d like to make an apt call 03 9646 1414 or visit https://portmelbournechiropractic.com…

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