Top 7 Things You Must Know Before Choosing a Chiropractor

1. Do they offer gentle pain free techniques?

Since it’s discovery over 120 years ago, chiropractic’s fundamental principles have changed very little, however what has changed is the level of skill and understanding that today’s chiropractors possess. Chiropractic has a safety record that is the envy of most health care professions. Whilst adjusting the spine is incredibly safe, some people just don’t like that cracking sound and if that’s you then don’t be concerned because there are lots of different options. Many chiropractors now offer a range of safe, gentle (no bone crunching) and effective techniques designed to get you back to your best in the shortest time possible. There is no single technique or approach is right for everyone, so choosing a Chiropractor that offers a range of approaches will be important to your speedy recovery.

2. Are their office hours convenient?

Is your to-do list growing at an outrageous rate? I know it sounds a little cliche but life really does seem to be getting busier and busier (…if only I had a solution for that). It seems that everyone is asking more of us and finding time to look after our health is a bigger challenge now than ever before. When you factor in work, family, rest and some personal time there just appears to be very little time left. It can be incredibly frustrating to find that when you finally make the commitment to look after yourself, the only available appointment times are those that clash with your busiest times at work or perhaps when you like to be watching the kids play sport. For these reasons choosing a chiropractor who has flexible hours is essential. Finding a chiropractor that works weekends and offers appointments before and after work will be a good step towards encouraging follow through and helping you get the best results in the shortest time.

3. Do they provide private health insurance rebates?

Chiropractic care is now a part of almost all private health insurance programs. Be sure to choose a chiropractor who is registered and able to provide you with receipts to maximise your health care rebates.

4. Do they offer care for the whole family?life-01

Chiropractic care is not just for adults, in fact many of the problems that we experience as adults can stem from bad habits that started as children….perhaps your mum was right all those times she was telling you to sit up straight. Finding a chiropractor who can assess and care for your whole family can be a smart move. As a wise person once said – “prevention is always better than cure”.

5. Do they use the latest technology?


A big part of you achieving the best results is an accurate diagnosis and technology can play an important role in that. Being sent offsite for further testing can take days and delay your care and return to pain free functioning. Choosing a chiropractor that has on site access to X-rays and spinal scanning equipment, will allow you to quickly and accurately get to the bottom of what’s causing your problem. Once your problem is identified, the chiropractor will be able to establish if you are in the right place to get the care YOU need.

6. Do they listen and provide a range of personalised solutions? life3

Sadly this isn’t a given for many of our health care providers. The days of the trusted doctor being like a member of our family seem to be behind us. For many reasons, many of our health care providers don’t have the time to really get to know you and understand your problems. Unfortunately health is not a one size fits all approach and the truth is, depending on what’s happening in our life we all require different approaches and solutions. Finding a chiropractor that really listens and takes the time to understand your problems, goals and desired outcomes is foundational to you achieving your best results.

7. Do they actively involve you in your care?

Back and neck pain are becoming epidemic in our modern society. We sit more stress more, stress more and exercise and rest less – a recipe for disaster when it comes to spinal health. If you are to return to pain free function as quickly as possible, it is essential that you work with a chiropractor who will actively involve you in your care. Be sure to choose a chiropractor who will guide you with advice on sleeping positions, desk set up and spinal strengthening exercises just to name a few.

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