Welcome back to week 6 of our sitting video series.

Over the past month we’ve really focused a lot on the physical or structural factors that play a role in back pain and sitting like:
– how should I set up my laptop?
– what should my posture look like?
– how to stretch my lower back when I sit too much?
– what exercises I can do to help with my neck pain from sitting?

And if you’d like the answer to any of the above questions, check your inbox and find our previous weeks videos.

THIS WEEK we take a side step and look at the major hidden or missing factors we often find people overlook that may be contributing significantly to your back pain.

It might not be what you think.

P.s This is a bit of a longer video for us (13mins) so why not put it on in the background while you are doing another task (for me I’d do it while cooking) or play it through your car and listen in (no need to watch our mugs on the screen in this vid – the real magic happens in our conversation!)

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