Your First Visit

What to expect on your first visit?

(please allow 30 minutes) Our commitment to you on your first visit is to help and we will do this in one of two simple ways 1. By realising that you are in the place that you need to be to get the care you need or 2. By realising that you are not a Chiropractic case and by helping you find the care you need.

On your initial consultation you will meet with one of our highly skilled and caring Chiropractors to discuss your health concerns and health history. A thorough evaluation will then be done of your spine and posture. Your specific condition may require us to take spinal x-rays to get a full diagnostic assessment of your spine. X-rays also help our Chiropractors rule out any other serious conditions and will assist them in developing the most effective recommendations for you. Life Chiropractic Port Melbourne offers a state of the art digital x-ray facility on site, allowing us to take exceptional x-rays onsite with minimal use of radiation.

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